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FOX News
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
could be rich, but you can't. that's it. >> the best campbel, i have my money and now i will tell you how you can and can't make yours and what you should do with it. >> that was an uncanning impersonation. you could really hear the accent. >> you know what else is crucial about that? the liberals love to scoff at fox and glen beck. when they tried to do it themselves, they need to set up these -- you don't know what went on. i know these people. i see him frat niecessing with the comedian types. it was a disgusting scheme of lies. we got another week, and it sounded like bloody madoff. it crashed and then they came up with this crap about let teens do the news. and then it was the bloody 8 rabs. and then they scoff at capitalism, but when they try to do it, they fall on their face. they don't know what the average american thinks. >> i was confused when he was talking about air america i thought he meant the airline. i thought there was nothing ponzi about that. that was a go get them accomplish the deed. >> he was talking about air america. >> i just like sharing about what he think
FOX News
Jan 8, 2013 12:00am PST
campbell. >> thank god you got that out of the way. >> this guy is so conservative he makes pat buchanan look like chomsky. patrick kennedy's anti-marijuana project. you pointed out that david frum who is in bed with patrick kennedy on this spent years saying anybody against the iraq war was unpatriotic and unamerican. here is what gets me, the fact he is referred to as a conservative. >> i think that is happening less and less. he is considered a conservative when the new yorker is trying to write about libertarians. it is mostly a level of confusion. he is floating in a special new place transitioning from one zone to another. >> i think he should be called a statist. >> you and me both, brother. until we change everybody's vocabulary. >> he always -- it is mike bloomburg. he thinks the government should take responsibility and run people's lives. >> he had a quote about this project saying basically if you do it and smoke pot and you have no bad side affects, maybe it is still working worse on you than you thought, and that maybe you have already gotten so much from this world and you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2